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IRIS Computing Pty Ltd ("IRIS") is a complete Information Technology Solutions Provider to clients and businesses of any size. IRIS specialises in providing business solutions to business problems. Our strong partnerships with industry leaders ideally position us as the single source for IT expertise in building, supplying, maintaining, and protecting the reliable Information Technology foundation you need to reach your business goals.

IRIS is a wholly owned and operated Tasmanian company, with offices based in Hobart and Launceston as well as a Serviced Centre in the North West. Experience and commitment have made IRIS a respected and recognised leader in supplying IT Solutions to Tasmanian.

Our Partners

IRIS is proud to be an authorised sales, service and value-add solutions provider leading industry manufacturers. This includes but is not limited to Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, as well as D-Link, Cisco and of course Microsoft.

IRIS is an authorised Acer business partner. This means we are fully authorised to supply and service all your Acer products, with full manufacturer's warranty and the peace of mind that only comes from an experienced Acer dealer. Contact us to explore the Acer range.

IRIS is a Lenovo diamond business partner. This means we are fully authorised to supply and service all your Lenovo products, with full manufacturer's warranty and the peace of mind that only comes from an experienced Lenovo dealer. Contact us to explore Lenovo's exciting range of desktops, laptops, tablets and all-in-one PCs.

IRIS is an authorised Cisco business partner. IRIS supplies, installs and supports a vast range of networking products. We can also give professional advice on your network architecture and the best setup for your organisation. Contact us to discuss you network requirements.

IRIS Computing (Hobart) is an authorised Apple Service Provider. With Apple Certified Technicians to service your MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, MacPro, iPad, iPod and iPhone. Contact us to discuss your apple product.

IRIS is an authorised Lexmark agent. From laser printers right up to the latest multi-function copiers, IRIS has your print needs covered. As with all our products, we will always be there to guide your purchase decision and help fit your printer to your needs. With our specialised printer technicians having 25 years of experience, we will ensure optimum printing performance and prolonged equipment life. We can supply printer consumables too. Contact us to discuss the Lexmark product range.

IRIS is an authorised business partner with Toshiba. We can supply and service a wide range of Toshiba products. Contact us to discuss the Toshiba range.

What We Do


Anyone who has dealt with IRIS knows our commitment to good customer relationships. For us that can only begin with quality equipment. Our network and server solutions offer reliability, flexibility and redundancy to small, medium and large companies.
We stand behind our products and can provide the highest level of advice, along with the supply, installation, service and support for Acer and Lenovo server families.
Your business may not be large enough to warrant the full time employment of an IT Professional. By utilising our Managed Services you have the ability to call upon our extensive knowledge for resolutions to any problem that may arise. It may be hardware, software or just general advice, but you will have unlimited cost effective access to IT professionals of every level.
You may already have first level support personnel employed onsite, but sometimes you require a higher level of expertise for specific problems. Our technical support staff can work in conjunction with your staff to achieve an effective resolution.

Service Contracts

At IRIS we understand two important things;

prevention is better than cure, and
peace of mind is extremely important

These two principles combined in our service contracts, allow our technicians to keep a close eye on your systems, keeping everything running smoothly and dramatically reducing risk of data loss or downtime. Any problems detected can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.
Our support contracts are tailored and will cover all aspects of support for desktops, networks and servers.


IRIS Computing is a preferred C150 state government contract supplier of IT hardware and warranty support to the Department of Education, as well as Private Schools.
Our partnership with the Tasmanian Department of Education has been a strong and successful one over many years. We are a major supplier of IT Equipment and peripherals to the department.


IRIS is one of the few companies that look after the corporate and education sectors as well as the private retail sector.
We are authorised resellers and service agents for companies like Acer, Lenovo and Toshiba, giving you the freedom of choice. Why not have your computer purchase backed by IRIS's vast experience in IT sales, service and support?

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