• Saturday 24th, Feb 2017

    Planned Maintenance

    Due to the recent and ongoing increases in spam and junk email, a major upgrade of AntiSpam services is planned. Email may be unavailable between 6.00pm on Saturday 24th of February and 6.00am on Sunday 25th of February 2018

    Should you experience any issues, please power restart your device before contacting the HelpDesk (HelpDesk@iriscomputing.com.au) – PH 1300 851 668

    Sunday 25th 3.05AM

    Please be advised that because of the complexity of the update, not all updates have been completed. The foundations have been laid for the update and will be completed as soon as possible.

    There is no impact to services

    • 01/03/2018

    Unplanned Outage

    Due to a current Telstra and NBN Outage, some email delivery and hosting services are experiencing disruption. We apologise for the inconvenience, which is outside our control. We have restored as many services as possible to backup services and will continue to work on the issue with our upstream providers.

    Should you experience any issues, please power restart your device before contacting the HelpDesk (HelpDesk@iriscomputing.com.au) – PH 1300 851 668

    Thursday 1st 4.30PM

    As an update to our clients, Telstra NBN services are intermittently up and down for some customers.

    We believe the outage affecting our email delivery and hosting caused by the Telstra NBN Outage is currently resolved, however no official resolution or explanation has been provided. We continue to monitor our network to provide backup services when available. Customers should note that if they are having issues, this is likely due to local outages affecting your own network as a result of the Telstra NBN outage.

    We would like to advise our clients, that the outage to our network was firstly caused by the Telstra NBN outage, and then further impacted by congestion on our backup networks as a result of the outage. We sincerely apologise for any additional disruption caused by these outages that were outside our control.

    Due to the intermittent nature of the issues and outage, we ask that customers are patient, and restart their email client, or mobile devices if they are unable to access hosted services.

    We expect that services will restore themselves in time once the upstream outages is rectified. However Telstra have still been unable to provide details of the outage or resolution, the following information is currently available on Telstra website; https://outages.telstra.com

    Telstra NBN Voice and Data Services - We are looking into an issue impacting some Telstra NBN Consumer and Business customers in Tasmania.Customers are experiencing a loss of voice and data services. Customers may be unable to make or receive calls or establish an internet connection. We suggest customers try a modem reboot which may restore services. We are urgently working to resolve the issue. Further updates will be provided shortly.

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